Smart IDP is an innovative versatile digital platform for the professionals who deal with gifted children. It helps them to find the present developmental age, set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bond goals based on normal developmental sequence and enable them to monitor the child’s progress. Moreover, it facilitates open and honest informal agreement between parents and professionals that the child may achieve or able to do within a particular period as a result of the rehabilitation service.

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Smart IDP gives you a step by step, very specific, concrete plan to advance a child’s skills and craft their abilities. The outcome of the Smart IDP is an official document that represents a child’s present status, unique needs and focuses on key priority areas.

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Smart IDP Features

Create Individualized Developmental Plan with world’s best digital tool. It’s compact and easy to create, edit, organize, store, print and share to anyone from anywhere.

  • Child Data Management

  • Child Developmental Screening

  • Create Smart Goals

  • Progress Tracking

  • Response to Intervention

  • Reporting